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Updated On:09/05/2018

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Institute of Well Control Technology

Today, in India, the petroleum industry is in the midst of major transformation to meet the challenges thrown open by a turbulent external environment and intense competition. Such transformation can be successful only with the fullest involvement of the workforce at all levels. The workforce needs well-integrated skills and competencies, knowledge and appropriate attitudes to contribute effectively towards the success of the organization. Systematic training is the most effective and tested tool for performance enhancement and up-gradation of knowledge / skills. Investment in training & performance improvement is considered essential for sustained growth. Accordingly two training institutions, namely Management Training & Development Center (MTDC) for Executives and OIL Training Institute (OTI) for the Non Executives were conceived in 1984 and established in 1996 and 1997 respectively. Simultaneously a Management Training Policy was formulated in 1986, which was revised in 2000. With the new HR initiatives undertaken by the company a new Trg Policy was formulated in 2003.



MTDC complex houses the Training & Development Department, the Central Library, a Hostel for the newly selected Executive Trainees and a Faculty Block (Guesthouse) for visiting Faculties, Participants and other company visitors. MTDC Office Complex along with the Central Library is Centrally Air Conditioned. Various In House training programs, workshops, seminars are organized in 3 classrooms and 1 Auditorium. OTI has been relocated and a new building with 2 classrooms, 1 workshop and 1 Exhibition room is being constructed in the MTDC complex, adjacent to the present MTDC Building.


Types of Training programs

  • In house : Training organized In House with reputed External Faculties and Internal Faculties. In house training may be - Technical, Behavioral, Managerial, Safety related and various Statutory programs.
  • In Country : Based on need; technical as well as behavioral & managerial, employees are trained at various reputed agencies in the country.
  • Overseas : For specialized technical and managerial courses employees are sent Overseas for training.


MTDC also caters to the need of the various apprentices passed from the ITI's and Polytechniques by providing them training. Summer training is also provided to students from different Engineering Colleges and other Institutes/Universities.