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Updated On:09/05/2018

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Harnessing Hydrocarbons

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With privileged inheritance of tremendous knowledge, skill and entrepreneurship of the early oilmen who discovered and developed the Digboi oilfield, OIL has grown from strength to strength in the areas of systematic development and production of oil & gas fields.


The Company has built up in-house expertise in advanced well stimulation and servicing techniques, design & operation of modern surface production facilities, artificial lift techniques and other enhanced oil recovery methods. It is the first company in India to start Reservoir Pressure Maintenance by Down Dip Water Injection and Crestal Gas Injection, thereby achieving remarkable recovery factor of more than 50% in some of the reservoirs.


The drilling of High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) exploratory wells in Krishna Godavari(KG) basin involves high risk & high cost operations with exposure levels among the highest in the completion sector. The risks and demanding performance requirements for HPHT completions dictate special engineering considerations and investments. To ensure that completion equipment will perform safely and productively in specific HPHT environment, OIL along with the industry experts has defined a set of operational parameters and performance rating requirements for the equipment which shall endure the rigours of HPHT well tests.


The Company produces both Associated and Non-associated gas from its fields in Assam & Arunachal Pradesh and Non-associated gas from its gas fields in Rajasthan. The Company has been supplying its gas to consumers in different industrial sectors like Fertilizer, Power, Refinery, Petrochemical, Tea processing, domestic use etc.


From the perspective of OIL, the demand for natural gas has increased manifold over the years. Gas supply to Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), with a committed quantity of 1 MMSCMD was started in February, 2011. Brahmaputra Crackers and Polymer Limited (BCPL), located at Lepetkata, Dibrugarh is a dream project of the people of Assam. OIL has started supplying natural gas to M/s Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Ltd. (BCPL) from FY 15-16.


To cater to the increasing demand, OIL has built up its gas collection and distribution infrastructure by constructing various pipelines and installations. Some of the major facilities like Central Gas Gathering Station and Offtake Point, gas pipelines have been constructed under this project.


In 1982, the Company set up an LPG recovery plant to process 2.20 MMSCMD of gas using the Turbo Expander Technology for the first time in Asia.


The 30 years old Recovery Plant, which is currently under replacement, along with a LPG Bottling Plant maintains excellent track records through consistence production without major breakdown. OIL today has the complete technical know-how to install, operate and maintain LPG Recovery and Bottling Plants.