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Updated On:27/07/2021
Limited Tenders

Limited Tenders
Tenders/Enquiries Corrigendum
  • Earth filling in the portion of land from the near
  • Repairing of approach road, construction of plinth
  • Construction of dust free road to LOC TAM, TBK
  • Repairing of road from Modhuting Tea factory to L
  • Construction of equipment shed at OGPS-WC&I p
  • Construction of dust free road from Guijan tinial
  • Construction of Bituminous approach road to NHK#5
  • Construction of Bituminous road (320 Mtr) from ma
  • Construction of approach road of well NHK#165 und
  • Construction of Five numbers of RCC watch tower
  • Construction of Patrolling Track along the bounda
  • Repairing of 2.00 km bituminous road with one num
  • Dismantling of CGI sheet at Sangini and providing
  • Necessary repair of steel work includi-ng new work
  • Necessary repair and renovation work at telecom U
  • Grass cutting and upkeepment of open area (Indust
  • Hiring of 03(three) nos. Wireline Logging Units w
  • Necessary Repair And Renovation Work at Staff Gu
  • Hiring of services for repairing 01 no. 160KL cap
  • Construction of steel gate for main entrance at
  • Grass cutting / cleaning including removing of cre
  • Necessary repairing of domestic area drain along w
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  • Notification :: CDC5538L21 CDC5539L21 CDC5540L21CDC5537L21
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  • Lottery Notification :: CDC4746L21 CDC4756L21CDC4743L21